January 2019   
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Sunday School

All Sunday School classes are held between worship services from 10-10:45 a.m. Please see a church greeter or contact the church office at 580-225-0262 for help in finding a class.

Faith Class: 

The "Faith" Sunday School class is one of our larger groups. This class uses a variety of materials that change with the Christian calendar and also with the seasons of the year.

The Faith Class rotates their teachers in order to have a broader range of viewpoints. They enjoy lively conversations about the topic in turn.

The Faith Class meets in the Faith Classroom. This classroom is located inside the Boone Street entrance next to the Chapel.

Conversation Class:

This class follows the format of a book club. In Conversation Class all the participants discuss the book in turn in an open and loving environment where thoughts and perspective are valued and respected.

The makeup of the Conversation Class consists of a variety of ages ranging from 20's to retired people. The topics for study in Conversation Class, spring from the participants. This class tries to keep fresh and interesting topics for discussion.

The Conversation Class meets in the room just outside the Youth Center.

Fellowship Class:

This class is one of our larger groups. This class is formed by young adults (early 20's to early 40's). The Fellowship Cass uses a variety of materials based on the needs of the group. This group also has an active social life and they plan events from golf games to "girls' night out", to Halloween and Christmas celebrations (and much more). 

The Fellowship Class environment is casual yet they have deep conversations about their faith journey. 

The Fellowship Class meets in the Fellowship Classroom. This classroom is located to the right of the playground entrance or just outside the entrance/exit to the Children's Area.

Pastor's Study:

Led by a pastor, this class studies Bible passages each week.

The class makeup consists of a variety of ages and life experiences. Because of how this class is made, it allows having a wealth of wisdom where everybody benefits, learns, and grows in their journey with God. 

This class meets in the classroom to the right of the playground entrance. 

Epworth Class:

The Epworth Class addresses issues related to women and their journey of faith. They use material that is suggested by the participants.

The Epworth Class has an array of ages. They go from early 30's to retired people. As with many other classes, the age diversity helps create meaningful interaction and learning opportunities for all participants. 

This class meets in "Classroom #1" on the hallway that leads to the Sanctuary.

Youth Classes:

Youth in grades 7-12 meet in the Youth Center for Sunday School. Studies may include books of the Bible, topical studies and more. 

Highway 56:

5th and 6th graders meet in the Hwy 56 Room for Sunday morning studies. 

GLOW Kids Classes:

Children's Sunday School classes for ages 2 through 4th grade are offered on Sunday mornings. Our youngest dive into the Bible with specialized studies, music and crafts. These classes meet in the Children's Area through the glass doors.


We provide a Nursery during all Sunday events.